A Quick Overview of 27 books in 27 days

Why would I want to read the New Testament so quickly?
It gives you a broad idea of the sweep of the New Testament. It gives you a sense of where famous verses we always quote sit in the bible and an appreciation for different genres, authors and locations.
God may inspire you through this challenge to action.

How does it work?
Check your facebook update daily and read the chapter given. Write your responses under comments after you are done.
Look under EVENTS for more resources and NOTES for Zane's reading experience in English and Alice's experience in Mandarin
You may like to start a journal or bible blog in your heart language like Zane and Alice, then put up the link under comments.
You may like to upload helpful pictures that would encourage others doing the challenge under PHOTOS

Could I skip ahead?
Yes, look on the right hand column and just click on 2012 in this blog.

If you complete the challenge, you will receive a downloadable picture to put on your facebook wall. As an incentive to complete it, there are 2 catalyst book vouchers and 2 Domino pizzas up for grabs in a draw.
Here's how much time you will probably need, give or take 15minutes. ( This is the Updated times)

1.        Matthew—2.5 hours

2.        Mark--1hour
3.        Luke—2.5 hours
4.        John--2 hours
5.        Acts (of the Apostles)—3 hours
6.        Romans--------1.5 hours
7.        1 Corinthians—1.5 hours
8.        2 Corinthians—1 hour
9.        Galatians-------20 mins
10.  Ephesians------30 mins
11.  Philippians-----20 mins
12.  Colossians------10mins
13.  1 Thessalonians-15mins
14.  2 Thessalonians-10 mins
15.  1 Timothy--------15 mins
16.  2 Timothy--------10 mins
17.  Titus--------------5 mins
18.  Philemon--------3 mins
19.  Hebrews---------50 mins
20.  James------------15 mins
21.  1 Peter-----------20 mins
22.  2 Peter-----------10 mins
23.  1 John------------15 mins
24.  2 John-------------2 mins
25.  3 John-------------2 mins
26.  Jude---------------5 mins
27.  Revelation-----1.5 hours
How much time would it take in total? This is an estimated amount.

The Gospels- about 8 hours
The letters-- about 8 hours 10 mins 
Acts and Revelations--about 4.5 hours

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  1. Note that the time taken depends a lot on how much you are thinking about the passages and re-reading sections to make sure you understand as you go through. I put my times down in my blog posts, and a couple came in under the time estimates, most of them came in well over the estimates. Some of this was due to 'thorough reading', despite me being generally a fast reader, but some of the estimates I do think are on the low side even for skim reading. Something to keep in mind.